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Congress halls

GOLDEN ROOM (24 x 15 m): hotel congress hall equipped with a projector, screen and sound system. It has access to daylight through two floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but also the possibility of complete dimming.

NICOLAS meeting rooms: Three connected rooms that can be used as meeting / workshop / exhibition space, capacity 100+120+150 pax. All rooms have access to daylight through glass walls, as well as the possibility of dimming with the curtains.

GRANDE hall, located at the entrance to the Resort with its size of 1800 m2, is perfect for large events of up to 1500 participants. The resort has additional 2 spaces with a different basic purpose, but which can also be used for break-out rooms: the play room at the hotel, located right across the Golden Room and the yoga area at the SPA center.

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