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Pets program

Immersing yourself in all the pampering experiences at Novi Spa Hotels & Resort just wouldn't be complete if your favourite furry friend isn't there to share them. So bring your pet with you - Novi Spa Hotels & Resort is a pet-friendly place.

Pets under the weight of 7kg are allowed at the price of 15 Euro per day and larger pets at the price of 25€ per day (the food is not included)..

Pets must always be accompanied by their owners. Pets must not be left unattended in the room. If shortly left unattended, you must place the sign "Pet in the room" on the outside of the door.
All guests checking in with a pet have to sign a release accepting responsibility for any damage caused by the pet. If there is damage caused by the pet the owner must pay all charges incurred in full to have it repaired.

Seeing-eye dogs are always welcome.

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